Meet Our Chefs


Meet Mr. Sugano, A Lexington Sushi legend, with more than 50 years experience. 

He was raised in a temple in Fukushima and learned Buddhism.  When he was 18 years old, he decided to become a chef and worked on his career under masters of Japanese chefs. The expectation is that you will start as the cleaner, eventually graduating to the rice maker, before finally gaining your apprenticeship.

Being a sushi chef in Japan is highly revered and honorable. 

His craft is simple yet polished his ever begun in the united states in Hawaii in 1968. Moving through out the nation, he eventually landed in Lexington in 1989. Sugano opened his restaurant called SUGANO in Eastland in 1999 until he closed in 2016. We are lucky to have him be apart of this town, come on down to have him prepare an OMAKASE, true Japanese sushi experience for you and your friends.


Chef Ken

Born in 1982 in Tokyo. Ken started working part time in a kitchen, Izakaya, a casual dining restaurant serving many different cuisines.  He has learned Italian, French, Chinese, and Japanese cooking. He creates special dishes mixing all cuisine to fit in multiple cultures.

Looking for new challenge and experience, Ken has come to the United States for the first time, to become our executive chef.  

We are delighted to have him here with us and look forward to introducing the new authentic and most updated menu he creates.